Portfolio Item - Manderly Turf


Since 1960, Manderley has been creating beautiful, sustainable lawns and gardens for homeowners, landscape contractors, builders and commercial developers.

As a leading provider of top quality lawn and garden products, Manderley has prospered by providing excellent products, prompt delivery and superb service to its clients. Manderley is Canada’s largest sod producer with more than 6,000 acres in production and over 80 million square feet sold annually- with major production centers serving the Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary and Montreal markets. Manderley has played an instrumental role in the formation of the sod industry in Canada and abroad, including important industry associations such as the Nursery Sod Growers Association of Ontario, the Quebec Sod Producers, and Turf Producers International and continues to lead the industry with advances in production, distribution and product development.

For more information visit: www.manderley.com  or Contact marketing@manderley.com